A New Season
Des Lineman reports..
Well folks, I've been away for some time, and the league has changed a lot, its grown, become more ambitious, more exciting and certainly more competetive.

So where does that leave us? Well, the Premier League looks as tasty as a halfling buffet in summertime, but who do you back? In the first issue of the White Isle Weekly for some time we will be looking at the teams that make up the cream of the crop, and which we'd back to take it all this year!

Firstly though, let us start with an apology... We have been away for a long time, thanks in no small part to a disagreement between Scry Sports, our faithful arcane broadcaster, and Vergon Media, a rival group who's actions meant we were unable to deliver our cutting edge commentary on the seasons play.

This season however we are back, and brimming with positive ideas, you just wait.

Des Lineman himself

Premier League Bloodbowl...
Has never been this competetive or tough, the top flight this year would make a mockery of the teams of earlier seasons, but why?

Well, as teams have developed, so has the league as a whole. Its possible we are at the breakwater, and that the TR caps are doing their job as well as can be expected, but the teams this year certainly look mean, and the stakes have never been higher.

Lets take a look at this years competitors.

Coach PeteW storms the Cup!
This section will normally be full with interviews and discussions with various coaches and players.

This issue however we are going to start with a quick 'round trip' of the Premier League coaches, to gather some info on their hopes for this season.

White Isle Weekly - Issue One  
The Teams
The Premier League
These are the best of the best, the teams here are at the top of the food chain, and deservedly so!

The Premier League consists of 8 of the best the league has to offer, from bash to elfbowl, the league represents the upper echelons of the TR scale, and some of the most dangerous teams on the books!


First up, its Borgen's Norse. As with all norse teams, the truism of 'bash or be bashed' would seem to apply. Without the strength of orcs or the armour of dwarves, but with 16 players, plenty of dirty player and some speedy players, the are a danger against anyone.

Next up, its PeteW's Skaven. A good mix of excellent coaching, well placed boots and ludicrously fast rats make the Great Christian Doctrines favourites to win a game versus most anyone. The question is, over the course of a season, will that skaven armour hold up long enough to run in some good touchdowns. This reporter happens to think so!

Gritter's Kung Pow! represent some real tough cookies. Those Chaos Dwarves can hold the line versus most anyone when together, and the dirty players at their disposal can wear down even the toughest opposition. The vulnerability of hobgoblins is difficult to counter however, and those Bulls are often the victims of unscrupulous fouls, the type which the Premier League attracts in abundance!

What more can be said about Britnoth's Dominus Astrum. Contenders every time, and tough as nails, the line of Sauri is tough to match for power. The problem comes when you start losing the skinks for any lizardman team, but Britnoth is a capable coach, and as such these lizzies are a good bet to be near the top at the end of the season.

Unstoffe's somewhat shakespearian Rotters are tough by the standards of the White Isle League, but one cant help but feel they are outmatched here. The Premier League might just be beyond them this time round...

SeraphimRed's Chaos Dwarves are another tough team, and a sure bet to be in the running at the end of the season. Perhaps not having more skills and stat increases on those Dwarves might be what stops them going all the way?

PandaPower's Elves.... Well... What do you say to an elf coach in a division like this, apart from good luck? A fine coach with a well built team, but you wonder whether they will be anything like as well built once the dust settles. Elves can win a game versus almost anyone, but winning a season takes resolve, something im not convinced these elves have.

Xenon's Dwarves are the final piece of a puzzle that makes up perhaps the bashiest premier league we have ever seen. They have the holy trinity of Dwarf Bloodbowl, Guard, Mighty Blow and... Well, more Guard I guess! I doubt they will win too many games, but pity the team Xenon gets good luck against.

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